From WNEM: State Rep: The Caro Center will be Built In Caro

A tug of war has started between two communities over where the new Caro Center will go.

Officials in Genesee County feel the new psychiatric hospital should be in the county, stating Genesee and Oakland Counties use it most.

People in Caro feel differently, they want a new hospital and are fighting to keep it there.

“The Caro Center will be built in Caro,” State Rep. Phil Green said.

Residents said the center has employed Tuscola County residents for generations. The new project would provide hundreds of jobs, and they feel that they will be taken away if the center leaves the county.

“That’s taking away from a lot of people that have worked here for many years,” a resident said.

“It would be horrible for people. They would either have to relocate or they would lose their jobs,” said Robin Rappley, an old employee at Caro Center.

Green is frustrated the project was put on hold. He said there’s a light at the end of the tunnel because neighboring counties like Huron and Lapeer have drafted resolutions supporting the center in Caro.

“When you have a whole region that goes after and supports this type of an endeavor, that’s greater than one county who may be realizing there’s blood in the water and circling as sharks do to try to get their own interest,” Green said.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer put the project on hold over concerns about water sources, staffing, and location. She is expected to decide on its fate in June.


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