Michele Wills

My name is Michele Wills. I have worked at Caro Center for over 17 years,.first as a manager in Medical Records and now as a Recipient Rights Advisor. I grew up in Caro. My husband, Gary, and I raised our family in Caro. Caro Center is a very important part of Caro and the surrounding counties. Many area residents and businesses depend on the Caro Center for their income. The area school systems depend on our children to fill their classrooms. More importantly, our patients receive psychiatric services at Caro Center that is not available anywhere else. Our staff is not only caring givers but often they are the only “family” our patients know. Gov. Whitmer and her administration say that Caro cannot hire sufficient staff to work here because we are too rural. They say there are no psychiatrists and medical physicians to treat the patients. What they are not saying is that at least one other state hospital, Kalamazoo, has the same problem. And guess what? Kalamazoo is not in a rural area! The truth is that there has been a nation-wide shortage of psychiatrists and nurses for several years. This is not a new problem, but the new administration is conveniently making a sound like it is. Please take a few minutes to “like” and “share” my post. Better yet, write a new post, write a letter to our legislators, post a sign, buy a t-shirt and wear it. We all need to speak out loud and clear and let Gov. Whitmer know that building Caro Center somewhere else is NOT okay. Thank you!

Melissa Hulett

My name is Melissa Hulett and I have worked at the Caro Center for 20 years. I have lived in Caro all my life and the Caro Center is the reason! My Great Grandfather began working at the Caro Center power plant in the 1920s before retiring over 20 years later. My Grandmother came to work at the Caro Center in 1946, working 25 years before retiring in 1971. My mother started working at the Caro Center in 1966, working 36 1/2 years before retiring in 2002.

I would like to say the same thing one day! Several of the staff at the Caro Center are second, third and even fourth generations from the Caro area, who along with their families, have been dedicating themselves to those in need of mental health treatment.

I may not be able to speak for everyone, but if I had a family member suffering from a mental illness, I would be able to ease my mind knowing they were being cared for in a setting where they could focus on themselves. A place and setting with a calm and caring environment instead of somewhere faster paced with stressors possibly slowing down their treatment.
We may not be able to run to the mall on our lunch breaks or get the greatest cell phone reception, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. When working with those in need of mental health treatment, quality is better than quantity, and it should stay this way. It should stay this way here, in Caro.”

Nicole Schmidt

My name is Nicole and I am employed at the Caro Center as a social worker for the past nine years. I was born, raised and currently reside in Huron County. I had every intention of retiring from the Caro as my Grandpa and Uncle have. There is a sense of pride in the care that you will see from our staff in the buildings. The treatment you would find in our buildings is unmatched as evidenced by feedback from several contacts with guardians, family and community agencies. There is no question as to whether or where the facility should be built, but rather how we can build the facility in Caro and provide additional resources and/or other facilities across the state.”

Billie Cummings-Broadworth

Hi my name is Billie and I have been a Resident Care Aide at the Caro Center for 5 years. I have worked in the mental health field for 13 years and I can’t imagine doing anything else! The effect this closure would have on me my co-workers and community would be devastating, but it’s really about our patients. The need for mental health care is huge! The closure of another hospital would be devastating to our state. The people of our state deserve the care and treatment they need for their mental illness. The Caro Center provides that! My co-workers and I dedicate our lives to helping our patients! There is nothing more rewarding to us than to see our patients go out into the community and live productive lives. Help us to continue to help them they are people too!! Do what you promised and build the new Caro Center!!”

Josiah Middaugh

Jusiah Middaugh, 9 years pharmacy assistant at the Caro Center. My husband and I are very active in our community, fire dept, and parks. Own two local business. The Middaugh family Caro Center employment stems over 2 generations. Closing the Caro Center will not only devastate my employment but hundreds of employees and their families and our community.”

Amy Graham

Hi, my name is Amy Graham. I have been employed at the Caro Center for almost 8 years as a DSA, Domestic Service Aide. I absolutely love my job, my patients and my coworkers. My job allows me to prepare meals for the patients and intermingle with them daily and it brings me great joy to see their smiles as we speak. My family, friends and coworkers and all of Tuscola County and the surrounding communities would be greatly affected if the Caro Center were to relocate or close. Now is the time for us all to join together and show the Governor just how important this is to every one of us. #CaroCenterStrong #StayPositive

Carol Fox

I’m Carol Fox. I have been employed at the Caro Center for 6 years. I am devastated that my job is in jeopardy. My livelihood depends on this job. We are a great team of people that strive to love and care for these patients to the best of our abilities. It will be devastating to all the patients, employees and community to lose all our hard work and efforts to keep this psychiatric hospital in Caro. We need everyone’s help and support to fight to keep the hospital in Caro. Thank you!”

Kelli Spaulding

Registered Nurse Manager. I have 15 years working for the Caro Center. I started here as an LPN right out of college and was able to work and go to school to earn my RN degree. I came here because of the location and stayed for the patients. My husband and I have lived in Caro all of our lives. We have raised 5 kids here ranging from 5 to 22 and 2 grandsons. We love the country life. The patients are our family as well as the staff. We give them emotional support and treat them with dignity and respect. We are sometimes the only support they have. This is not due to the location of the facility but rather family is not interested in being involved. One thing that concerns me is that the people making the decision to halt the Caro Center project have not even asked the patients what they want. They matter and so does their opinion. The Center is located perfectly along the Cass river where the patients enjoy the wildlife and the calm relaxing atmosphere. We need to keep the Center here for our patients and all of the skilled workers who do an amazing job every day!”

Chris Hyatt

My name is Chris Hyatt, and I’ve been employed at the Caro Center for nearly nine years. In that time, I’ve had the pleasure of making a difference in the lives of my patients. I’ve recently returned to my unit I regularly work, after nearly two months of reassignment. Upon doing so, a number of the patients I regularly care for, greeted me with a round of applause, smiles, and handshakes. Moments like that are why I enjoy my career.

Often times we hear coworkers referred to as “family”, and throughout my employment, I’ve observed that this is indeed true at the Caro Center. Early into my employment I lost a loved one and was blessed with the support of my new found family. I’ve also been injured during the performance of my employment duties and witnessed the outpouring of concern from my work family, checking in to see how I’m doing and if there was anything I needed. I’ve also witnessed, coworkers lives flipped upside down due to illness or loss, but I’ve seen coworkers come together for one another and provide support to get through those trials and tribulations.

That in part is why losing the facility would be devastating. It would deal a tremendous blow to the area as well as decimate the “family”. There are so many aspects to think about, some I have seen mentioned but others I have not. Area schools have been on an enrollment decline in the area for years, now a family is likely to move to another area to maintain employment. In Caro, revenue per student is $9,714 in the 2016-17 school year. That means for a family with 2 children enrolled in public school, $19,248 is now taken from the school district. A number of schools in this area already struggle with funding, how do you forecast things to go with a further reduction in enrollment? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, there are multiple small businesses struggling to stay afloat losing ground to both Internet shopping and Big box stores. If they fail they can just find a new job, right? Well, the second largest employer, may be leaving the area, that would make things much more difficult, wouldn’t it?

In closing, I just ask that the people in charge take a moment to remember one thing…

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects. ~Dalai Lama”


Chris Hyatt

James Baranowski

I would like to introduce myself and provide you with some background information about myself. I am James and I am currently employed by the State of Michigan as an RCA at the Caro Center Psychiatric Hospital in Caro Michigan. May 6, 2019, marks my one-year anniversary with the state. I am a husband, son, grandson, nephew, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend. In the picture provided, I stand beside my loving, supportive and handsome husband Zachary. We were married on August 26, 2017, in Las Vegas Nevada with the love and support of our families.

This may come as a surprise to many, but I suffer from a major depressive disorder. I know firsthand the struggles and suffering that are associated with mental illness. I also know the importance of a strong support system, medication, therapy, and guidance from positive influences.
I have worked in healthcare for twelve years and, prior to coming to the Caro Center, my background was mostly medical. I left my previous position working on a surgical step-down unit in Midland Michigan in search of personal fulfillment. I’ve always yearned to help others. At my previous job, I no longer felt challenged, satisfied, or that I was making a difference in peoples lives. With the support of my husband at my side, I took a leap of faith; we relocated, and I made a career change. We are blessed and grateful to have family that took both of us in until we can find a house of our own. We were searching for a suitable home that would work for a growing family, with intentions of having children. This has since changed following a devastating announcement depicting a skeptical future and no job security.

On March 13, 2019 my co-workers and I were blindsided when we received word that Governor Whitmer and her administration announced they were delaying the reconstruction of the Caro Center which was set in place by former Governor Rick Snyder and his administration to build a new, state-of-the-art psychiatric hospital on the grounds of the current Caro Center. The Center has been in service for over 100 years. Funds were already allocated for the project and demolition and other works had already begun. Shortly thereafter, through the Freedom of Information Act, a local news station obtained emails from Governor Whitmer’s administration. These emails expressed the closure of the Caro Center entirely which came as a complete shock to staff, patients, and the community. After much consideration, due to uncertainty about the fate of the Caro Center, my husband and I have currently halted our current house hunt. We are hesitant to invest in the community when we may be forced to relocate and find jobs elsewhere.
With much support from the community, a movement has begun to save the Caro Center. We need further assistance to persuade Governor Whitmer and her administration to keep the Caro Center going. This matter isn’t just about job security or the economic impact that the loss of the Caro Center would have on the region. It is about mental health and providing services to individuals in need. We need to nourish these individuals so we can reintegrate them into society as healthy citizens who are capable of caring for themselves.

Staff at the Caro Center offer many services in a caring and nourishing environment. The Center is located by the Cass River tucked away on 600 acres of wooded scenery where patients thrive. I can honestly say with all of my heart I have never worked with a better team.

Michelle Martin

Michelle Martin knows how important keeping the hospital in Caro is for her patients and her family. She has worked at Caro for 15 years as an LPN and her husband has spent 10 years there as an electrician. Stand with Michelle, her patients, her family, and her co-workers and Keep The Promise – Rebuild the Hospital Here in Caro!”

Janet Langley

Brittany Wicks has been an RCA at Caro Center for 2.5 years. She owns a home in Caro and is able to support her two children with this job. She treats her patients like family and is urging the state to #KeepThePromise and Rebuild the Hospital Here in Caro!”

Samantha Roat

“Hello everyone! My name is Sam. I have worked at the Caro center for the last 2.5 years as a DSA. I love my job at the Caro center and had plans to retire there. Getting the news that the governor put a hold on building the new facility here in Caro has caused my family quite a bit of anxiety. We just bought our dream home a little over a year ago with the peace of mind that the new facility would be built here in Caro, MI. My income is essential to be able to keep my new home and provide for myself, my husband, and our 3 children. Moving the facility elsewhere will be detrimental to all the families and businesses of the thumb area. I have lived in Caro most of my life and love our small community! Please keep the promise and build the new facility here in Caro!”

Wayne Susalla

“My name is Wayne Susalla. I am employed at the Caro Center. I have worked for the Caro Center a little over seven years now. I am a Resident Care Aide. I work with very caring and amazing staff. I grew up in the thumb of Michigan in a little town in Minden City. Grew up on a farm that my Mom and Dad owned for 47 years. Worked on my parent’s farm, worked in various factories when the automobile industry was booming at the time. As years went by factories started closing as our automobile industry left the thumb area. I had to look for a different kind of work. I chose to be a caregiver. Which I love doing. I don’t want to leave the thumb of Michigan. I have a family here. I have a beautiful granddaughter which I love with all my heart, and another grandchild on the way soon. This thumb area is my home, it is rich in history. I don’t like seeing small towns fade away which is happening now. We need to build this hospital here in Caro, we need our jobs to stay here in the thumb of Michigan. It would devastate our economy if something would happen to the Caro Center, just like the automobile industry did.”

Margie Gettel

“My name is Margaret and I have been working in the mental health field for over 35years. I worked for HBHS prior to coming to the Caro Center. I was there for 30 yrs and was forced to retire due to similar circumstances as I am facing now. I can’t begin to tell you the impact of a move or a shutdown has on the patients and staff. I know I have been through it before. We grow to know our parents as well as they grow to know us and trust us to care for them. We have unpredictable days that’s for sure. I have good days, bad days, stressful days and days where I just wonder ” why am I here”, then a patient says Thank you for helping me and listening to me. There is one thing that is not unpredictable is our quality care we give our patients and the great staff we have. I truly love my job. I only hope that it remains in Caro so we don’t lose our jobs. I have a son that goes to Kettering University and another about to graduate from high school and attend SVSU. I need my job here at the center to help my husband maintain our household. So Please for the welfare of the community and the employees of the Caro Center…REBUILD IN CARO.”

Mitch Burcham

“My name is Mitch, and I have worked for the Caro Center for 5 years now. I love my job, and couldn’t imagine what I would do if the Caro Center were to close down. I have lived in the Caro district my whole life. I know several people that depend on [these] jobs staying in Caro, not only the staff at the Caro Center, but all the local businesses depend on the Caro Center staying in Caro. I just bought my house one year ago. Myself, my 2 boys, 2 daughters, and beautiful wife would love to continue family life here in Caro!” 

Angie Herman

Hello, my name is Angie Herman and I have worked at the Caro Center for almost eight years as a DSA. The new facility possibly not being built here in Caro will be devastating not only for the staff but for the community as a whole. Relocating one of the largest employers in a rural community has disastrous effects on small rural areas. Take a drive through Sebewaing or Unionville to see for yourself. Businesses will close, home values will drop and unemployment rates go up. Keep the promise build it in Caro, enough taxpayers money has already been spent to just do it all over again somewhere else.”

Joshua Skinner

My name is Joshua Skinner and I have worked at the Caro Center for 6 years. I grew up in Caro and have watched it transform over the years as the economy has been good and bad. The loss of the major factories and the prison hurt our area so bad. It’s scary to think it could happen again.

The Caro center is our family and home away from home. Our staff and patients share birthdays, holidays, the birth of loved ones, graduations, marriages.
The staff and patients are also there for the not so good times as well. Death of loved ones, ending of relationships, missing out on gatherings at special times.
This is what holds us all together. Made us so close. This has been the story for over 100 years. Compassionate professionals providing the best care they can.”

Bradley & Lauren Koch

“My name is Brad, I have worked at the Caro Center for 7 years as a fire safety officer and an RCA. I grew up in this area and have many family and friends who have retired from the Caro Center. It is a great place to work with amazing co-workers. Together we make sure the patience of the Caro Center gets the best treatment possible. The state needs to build in Caro. Places for individuals to get mental health treatment are being closed and resources are hard to find. it shouldn’t be a question of if they build in Caro it should be a question of where will they build next after Caro is finished.”

The Cudworth's

“My name is John Cudworth. I work at Caro because I want to help make a difference in the life of a population that is underserved. They deserve treatment, they deserve the opportunity to have the support and treatment that will allow them to enter society and have happy productive lives. Those who are unable to enter society deserve proper care and quality of life as well. Closing the Caro Center would create more adverse outcomes for the mentally ill. Reducing the availability of beds for this patient population is irresponsible. Decimating the economy of a town that is willing to work with the population is irresponsible. Finally, my youngest daughter, my fiancee, and my grandsons depend on me to support them. Keep the Caro Center open. Keep the promise to the people of Caro. Keep citizens of Michigan employed. Continue to make the care of the mentally ill an important part of our society. Don’t leave them behind.”

Albert O' Harris

“I worked at the Caro Center and in the mental health field for almost 40 years. I’ve seen many changes from when we had DD patients to mentally ill patients. the people I worked with are very dedicated in the field they work in. We became family to one another; when one of us hurts, we all feel the same pain. We also became family to those who are housed there and have no family to come and visit. The staff depend on this place for their future and so does the community around us. We have served the area since 1914. I have many friends who work there including my lovely wife. I pray that this place continues to be here for many, many more years to come. Thank you.”

Reamy Berlin

“Registered Nurse. 4.5 years of service. I have lived in this area all my life and this hospital has always been a part of it. Our patients, the community and the employees all need for the hospital to stay here in Caro!”

Stacey Coleman-Childs

“Hi everyone. My name is Stacey. I was a stay at home mom until the recession ended in late 2010 when my husband lost his job. No company wanted to hire a 48-year-old man with experience when they could two twenty-year-olds for less money. We decided for me to go to college and get my RN degree so I could help provide for our family. I graduated in 2015 and shortly after I began working at the Caro Center. It was one of the wisest things that I have done. After my husband passed away unexpectedly last year, the staff circled around me once again revealing what truly wonderful, compassionate and dedicated people they are. There are 400 people that work at the Caro Center that have families that rely on it for financial support just like me not to mention the people in the surrounding community and Tuscola County. We are asking for your support to build the new Michigan State Psychiatric Hospital in Caro. #CaroCenterStrong

Janet Langley

My name is Janet Langley. I started working at the Caro Center 7 years ago as a DSA. (Housekeeper and Cook) a couple of years ago I accepted a Secretarial Position. I truly love my job. I am often amazed by the compassion, patience and professionalism of the staff. I also enjoy talking with the patients and offering them an encouraging word from time to time.
Being the sole supporter of my teenage daughter, The Caro Center has allowed me to provide for her and to meet the needs of our household. I pray that the center remains In Caro, for the sake of our Patients , Community, and all of the Wonderful Staff that help and care for our patients every single day!

The decision made by the new administration has been very stressful for my family and the hard-working people of this community, Our future is being held in limbo by politicians with their own agenda. Build the hospital in Caro as promised!!!”

Barry Brown

My name is Barry. I have been employed by the State of Michigan for 20+ years at the Caro Center as a Fire & Safety Officer. I am not from the Caro area but I totally support the new hospital being built there. The Caro Center is situated in an area unlike any other of the state hospitals. The comfort of the country setting adds to the treatment of the patients let alone by the unmatched treatment by all staff there. They are all caring and commitment to their jobs including myself. The best choice is for the hospital to stay in Caro.”

Jillyanna Louise

I have been an RCA at the Caro Center for 2.5 years. I moved and relocated my family to Caro for this job. I love my work and what I do here, I love doing patient care here at the Caro Center, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I along with everyone else employed here needs the hospital to stay in Caro, not only for job security but for the community. The Caro Center is a huge part of the local economy. The patients future care is uncertain, and that is not fair to them. We care deeply about these patients well being, and the Governor’s decision to put the new hospital on hold has them concerned. This hospital is NEEDED to stay right where it is at.”

Marianne Cullen

I am a Residential Care Aide and have been employed at Caro Center for10 years. I have raised my children in this community Building this hospital in this location is in the best interest of the employees and the patients we serve. Taking from our area will have a devastating effect on the thumb area. It is not about politics it is about the patients, the community, and the employees who work there.”

TJ Gawne

Hi everyone my name is TJ Gawne. I have worked at the Caro center since October 2008. I am a motor vehicle operator at the Caro Center. Those are my two beautiful kids Garrett and Taylor in the picture.  I love my job, I love seeing the patients and most of all my co-workers are some amazing people. The employees of Caro center spend a lot of money in Caro and the neighboring areas. These people are always willing to donate to fundraisers and food drives. If they hear of someone in need they do whatever they can! In 2009 I was bumped out of my position at Caro center. When the employees all heard of me losing my job they took up a collection to help a young man and his family out. That’s the kind of people that will be out of work if Caro center isn’t rebuilt here in Caro.

Kim Spicer

Hello! My name is Kim. Wife, Mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, cousin. Also, just as importantly, a friend to so many at Caro Center. I have worked here as an RCA for the past 3 years, my daughter and future son in law also work here. This job affects a very large part of our family. It was a great relief to hear Governor Snyder decide to build here. Families depend on this facility, businesses in the area depend on this facility, most importantly PATIENTS depend on this facility. They are happy here, most of them DO NOT have family, either they have none or none that care~ WE DO! They look to us for guidance and safety. They come from places that were neither of those for them. They are not safe outside these walls, and often society is not safe with them outside these walls, but they are people in need of special care that WE provide.

Not only should the center be built here, but they should also be building more. Literally, 100’s of patients are waiting to get into a mental health care facility, they wait in jail cells, hospitals, homeless shelters. It is a very sad situation that was way overdue, and now because Governor Whitmer has decided to usurp the decision, hiring more studies done, WAISTING more taxpayer dollars, these patients continue to wait for care.

Is this how you would treat your family, Governor Whitmer? Shame on you.
Director of MDHHS~ you of all people should know better. Shame on you.

Ironically we supported this woman for governor and she is going above and beyond to do the exact opposite of what she promised.

Please keep us all in your prayers. God willing this will come around on our favor.

Thank you, God Bless us all”

Carolynda Roose

“I don’t even know where to begin, I’m from Caro lived here most of my life, a graduate of the Caro high school.
When I was a kid my father had worked at the Caro Center in the ’70s and ’80’s at that time it was known as a different name but still ran by the state. We as kids use to go there watch our parents play baseball on grounds, even went to the church right off grounds.
Now for the past 3 and 1/2 years, I’ve been working at the Caro Center, I enjoy going to work every day and making a difference to our patients.
When they were deciding if they were going to build a new hospital or not, my family put it on hold to buy a new house. Then the decision was made so we proceed to buy a house we all love. I’m not the only one who had done this at the Caro Center.
I am a mother of 5, my kids depend on me for everything. I have 3 at home still and 2 who live on their own. One of my children is going to college and depends on me to help her with expenses from the small stuff like gas to college tuition.
If the Caro Center is closed I will lose my new house, my child who is in college will not have the help she needs. My home town will have many of the small businesses will close, the schools will be affected, the home values will go down, and so much more will feel the hurt from this tragedy. We need to keep the Caro Center opened and a new hospital built.

Politics shouldn’t be the reason why our families and patients have to suffer. We need to keep our hospital right where it is.

Kathy Aylsworth

“Hi I’m Kathy and I’ve been employed with the Caro Center for 9 months now. I’ve got 30+ years experience in taking care of others but my favorite as been the mental health field. Those patients are people too and they deserve to be taken care of with dignity and respect, not left out. Us here at the CC care about our patients, each other above and beyond. We are an awesome team. I don’t live in Caro as I drive about 45 minutes to get to work, I drive it because I love my job, staff & patients. This hospital has been here 100 years and it needs to stay in this community for another 100 plus years. It’s a landmark and home to a lot of these patients while being treated. They and we don’t need the added stress of thinking where will we be if they don’t build here. Please join with us in saving Caro Center and rebuilding right where it needs to be built. HERE IN CARO! #CaroCenterStrong!”

Carrie Chapin

My name is Carrie Chapin. I have been employed at the Caro center going on 7 years. I love what I do and where I do it at. I am a single mother and this job is our livelihood. I don’t think I can do it without this job. This hospital needs to stay in Caro as promised not only for my family but for the hundreds of others that work there, the patients who live there, and the entire city of Caro. I have never worked with a better group of people. The staff out there are amazing. All of us at the Caro Center is like one big family we spend more time together than with our own families. The Caro center is in a wonderful spot as its surrounded by woods and wildlife and the patients look forward to seeing the deer and turkeys every day.”

Nathan Robinson

“I have been with the Caro Center for almost a year. I have worked for 2 different Sheriff Departments and 2 different Fire Departments. 2 college degrees and 3 different academy’s. I have spent a large part of my life working for and working in the public service field. And Caro Center is hands down the best job I have held. The people I work with have compassion and very professional. The country setting helps patients a lot more than in the city. Caro Center has the best and well-trained staff in Michigan, in my opinion. Moving the Caro Center is a very bad decision and will have major repercussions to Tuscola County and surrounding counties. Caro Center is well staffed with quality people. Politics should never be used when coming to the health of patients. I disagree with the stoppage of building the new hospital in Caro. And I also disagree that the Caro Center isn’t a good place. Caro Center is the best place for the new hospital. I fully support the Caro Center and my fellow co-workers, as we are a big family.”

Rocky Crang

“Hello, my name is Rocky Crang and I have worked at the Caro center for a little more than 3 years. I am an air force veteran. Before coming into the mental health field I worked in the dental field for 30 years. Working at the Caro center brings me great pride knowing that myself and my fellow staff member’s provide the patients with quality and professional care. We here at the Caro center would hate to see our place of employment be shut down and moved elsewhere. The previous administration voted on and approved a new $115 million dollar facility to be built here at the current location and once the ground was broke many of us, myself included moved and bought here in Caro since this is where our lives and jobs would be located for years to come. Closing the Caro center will not only cause many to lose their jobs but also will cost those of us who made the commitment to move here a lot of money because we will have to sell at a much lower price then we paid and then have to relocate again. The city of Caro and the county of Tuscola will also be harmed by such a move. They both count on the money generated by the Caro center. Without it, this area and the Thumb area will be devastated. The staff at the Caro center urge Governor Whitmer to reconsider her decision and continue with the build of the new facility.” 

Roxann Sharrow

My name is Roxann Sharrow. I’ve been employed at the Caro Center for 9 months as a DSA. I moved from west branch to take this position. I am honored to work with a group of people that are caring and committed to the care of our patients. This has been a life changing experience for me. I’m proud to part of this team!!

Moving or closing this center will have very bad consciences for the entire staff and communities that surround it. I’m a single woman, this is the only income in my household. If the Caro Center were to move or close it will force people like me to move. 

Rebuild the Caro Center in Caro!”


Michael Swenor

My name is Michael Swenor, I have lived in Caro, Michigan since I was 12 years old. I have four beautiful daughters (Ali 16, Faith 13, Leah 11, Illivia 2) that are growing up in Caro as well, and are thriving here very well. Actually, just before this post, I came from my oldest daughter Ali receiving her second academic achievement award in High School, and tomorrow Faith will be racing in four different events for the Caro track team. That’s only mentioning how involved we are 2 days of the year, Caro provides a year-round community that I am proud my kids are being raised in. I have worked at the Caro Center for several years and am hoping to work several more. The Caro Center has not only supported my family financially, with benefits for the health, dental, and life, but it’s another community I am proud to be a part of. The team I work with is passionate, caring, good-hearted, and hard working people. Building a new facility here in Caro would give us the tools are resources to continue to provide the care we have given for so many years, as well as provide for our families for years to come.”

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